Angel of the Heavens
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Angel of the Heavens

I felt so alone, empty and cold. Then I found shelter in the wings of an angel. Ever since that day, when the angelic embrace broungt me out of the cold and suffering world, I've fallen in love. I've fallen in love with the strong yet gentle embrace who taught me that I was not alone. It's beauty gave me hope, gave me strength. I yearn for it, and it yearns for me, as well as for another. Caught up in the twisted labryth of love. How can such love bring out somuch hate and anger in my soul? Why do I feel so bitter? So twisted? Like a twisted demon, when all I want is that love that brought me out from the cold. I want to stay in that angelic embrace forever, never ever leaving or letting go. No one being able to break it, but, is there another? Or is it just someone being lead by lies? Which hurts me more, to be told the truth from the beginning and feel the pain, or to live with lies and pain, only to foresee more. WHy is love like this? The swett thought and embrace of the angel has brought me in, and I have found comfort there. Sereness in an insecure and suffering world. The angel of heaven has lifted me from the depths of Hell as friendship. The friendship has grown, and now I feel more. The angel has shown back down upon me, but is with another. This angel is a true saint. Afriad that its actions will send people back to the depths of Hell. Carefully caressing my cheek, I smile and my heart is filled with warmth. I feel inside the neeed for greed upon this angel, and at first wanting for them to hurt like I once did. But when it is over, I hurt to, in the arms of a broken angel, I still find comfort. Will my angel stay with me forever? Everyone has angels with them, and angels inside of them. Using the angel deep inside, we can find that angelic embrace and be pulled from the depths of Hell and learn to love as the holy intended. In this embrace, may you find eternal comfort.

-Jenni Kirby

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