Your Loving Embrace
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Your Loving Embrace

I feel so at peace in your arms. So serene, like I could stay there forever and never even think of leaving. I want to feel that warmth for real. Feel your strong arms around me, your loving embrace. Your words warm my soul, and yet...I long for your touch. When things are bad, I think of your words and I am at peace. Has it been so long since I first heard your words? I think nothing of it, because your words shall live eternally in my heart. Your words wrap me in an embrace much like that of real touch. They are your sweet embrace. I cheerish the words upon our meeting and hold them in my heart. Though it has not been long since those words, those feelings, they shall grow and live on eternally. I love you more then simple words can say, more then the human language can express. Let this love last a life-time and beyond...

-Jenni Kirby

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