Fate of Being Alone
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Fate of Being Alone

I am hurting...I have lost it all...Help me to live w/ hope...

I am lost, confused, torn apart. No one can love me like that, how can I trust? How can I rely on hope? I am hurting inside...I have lost it all...please help me to find hope. I have nothing, I'm alone in a cold, dark world, knowing that I can never feel those strong arms around me again. My soul was wilted...like a rose, it's beauty has turned stale...as it fades to nothing. It's so cold, and I feel sick inside. The emptiness, becoming emptier...my life, my soul...fading like the remaining pieces of my torn heard...the ice cold hands of death beckon me, shall I go with no return? Shall I end my suffering now? Is there really hope for me? Or am I a lost soul...wandering aimlessly forever, in the darkness of hate and solitude. Will a guide come to find me? To send me back from where I have strayed? It pains me "You are in the arms of an angel. May you find comfort here." I have no angel. I have no comfort. I have no love, in which to give, nor in which to recieve. So much more I wished I would've done, so much more I could've done and it wouldn't end this way! No matter what I say, I'm to blame. I'm to blame for my own emptiness, for my own hatred. I'm the only one who is undeserving of love. I am alone, and I must accept that fact...I'm alone and I will die alone. There is nothing more to it. It's my own fault that I'm not worthy of anyone or anything's love, and I try to reach for it...but it was not meant for me. I am undeserving...empty...and alone...I...I can't let go. I can't realize the fact that I am alone once again...we were all born alone, and some are doomed to die alone...

-Jenni Kirby

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