Gifts of Greed
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Gifts of Greed

Everyone was given gifts when they were born, but some had their gifts taken away. He was one of them. Born in a world of darkness and destined for it to stay dark, he longed for nothing more then to see the world around him. He longed so much to the point were he was driven mad. Not knowing right from wrong, all he wanted was the gift of sight. To gaze into someone's eyes and to tell then how much he loved them, instead of gazing into darkness. One day, he thought he found the cure, but doing so would bring evil to the world. He thought he knew how to control it, but in the end, that chaos was too much, and his own selfish greed tore him apart. For he wanted to see so bad, he forgot about the ones he loved. Yet, in the end, after he learned what truely mattered in his life, he surpasses the evil, and was given a gift. The gift he so longed for. As he arose into heaven, his eyes opened, and for the first time...he was able to see the world he so longed for.

-Jenni Kirby

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