Hope and Dreams Will Come True
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Hope and Dreams Will Come True

Why is it I do not cry? Why is it I shed no tears for such pain? Am I heartless? Or am I just in denial? Or perhaps it's the little angel of hope that sits on my heart and tells me there is a way? Should I believe in this slim hope of a girl afraid to be alone, or shall I dismiss it and say "He wasn't worth it"? Why is it so that I cannot stop my love, like he has stopped his? Why is life so complex? Why is it that "Man meet woman, man falls in love with woman, and they live happily ever after" doesn't work? I was born alone, we all were. But some of us are destined to find love and live happily ever after while others are hurt by love and die a cold death, alone without hope. I am one those people. I always knew deep down inside, that I was. But then I met him, and I thouhght my destiny was changed. I learned to love like I never thought I could. But, that too faded. Is it really hope inside, or my fears disguising evil as the angel. Can love truely stop? Can you just wake up one morning and deside that you don't love that person anymore? AParently he can, but I don not believe that strong of feelings can fade so fast. I still have not been hit full blown that it's over. I still love him with everything I have and more. But...are these feelings of mine lost through ink to paper? Or...can he ever truely love me again? What is it that's keeping me alive? Is it true hope? Is there a speck of light at the end of the tunnel or is it just my eyes playing tricks on me? Is it really hope, or fear? Whatever it is, shall I believe firmly in it, or shall I stop it, think negatively and learn to accept that it's over? So many vital questions, yet no one to answer them. So much I wanted to do, so much I had to give...is it really over? Is there hope that this is all a dream and that I'll wake up and he'll still be there, to guide me, to love me, to hold me. But alas. I know it IS real. But I know not the path I should go. But I truely think I should believe in hope. Only through hope will your dreams ever come true. It's lack of hope that ends our existances. Even if it is a false hope, I shall believe in it, I shall never give up. Until I truely fell the impact of the words "It's over" I will believe in hope. I shall regain my lost hope and my tattered and torn pieces, and live up to my dreams. Change my fate perhaps, or just make it impact more. Which ever the cause I will go down fighting, fighting and reaching for that small sparkle of light at the end of the tunnel. Only with the angel of hope will our dreams become reality. That is truely why I have have not lost it all...that is truely why I am still in existance upon this Earth. I shall believe in hope, and never say die.

-Jenni Kirby

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