Love is the Cure Part 1
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Love is the Cure Part 1

“Miss Lina,” cried a shrill, familiar voice. “My feet hurt. We’ve been walking for hours, and I’m hungry!”

Hmmm…Lina pondered. It had been hours since they had eaten.

“Perhaps we should take a quick rest, and have a little snack.” Zelgadis sighed, but proceeded to sit down by a tree and pull out a thermos of tea.

“Humph, and what are WE suppose to eat?! OUR diet consists of more then tea you know! URRRG! I’m soooo hungry!” Lina inquired at Zel, who merely just sipped his tea and paid no mind.

Zelgadis seemed to be in deep thought. Finally he said, “All you think about is food, you know, you can afford to go without food for at least more then a few hours.”

“Are you calling me FAT?! Well I’m sorry barnacle boy, but, unlike you, we need some real nourishment!” Protested Lina.

“What’s nourishment?” Said Gourry, awaiting his pain for the thought.

“It’s food! F-O-O-D, FOOD! Oh I’m sorry, I forgot jellyfish have IQ’s of only about a negative 50 billion! Maybe I should engrave it in your head, or are there any other randomly stupid thoughts you’d like to get out before you are fried jellyfish?!”

“Umm, did you hear something?” Gourry said, as he covered his head in hiding from the wrath of the angry women.

“I think Gourry may be right no that one. What is that noise?” Zel said sipping his tea in amusement as Lina pummels Gourry in the usual fashion.

“Miss Lina, Mr. Zelgadis has a point. Umm…maybe you’ve hurt Mr. Gourry enough for one day, Miss Lina. I mean it can’t be good for him to lose so much blood like that. I mean soon there won’t be anything left to pummel.” Cried Amelia. Lina stopped pummeling Gourry and pondered the thought.

“Hey, was that a scream?!” Lina said abruptly. Everyone stopped whatever they were doing (lucky for Gourry) and listened, sure enough someone was screaming.

“I will not let such injustice befall a lady with…” Amelia’s mouth was covered with Lina’s hand as she put her finger to her lips.

“Ahhh! No! Take whatever you wish, just don’t harm it. NOOO! How can you be so inhuman?! Ahh!” Shrieked a voice in the distance. They all got up and rushed to help, but they were stopped abruptly by the strange voices again.

“I can’t believe you can just kill living thins for your own pleasure! How could you! You can rob me all you want, but you go too far by murdering a living thing!” Suddenly and eerie glow covered the forest. “You shall pay, you have angered the spirits! Extreme Essence Overload!!” Soon a huge explosion engulfed the forest, nearly roasting Lina, Zel, Amelia, and Gourry.

“Wow! What kind of a sorcerer is that girl? And what kind of spell was that?!” Inquired Zel.

“It sounded to me like a poor girl was being robbed, but…” They looked around. A smoking clearing where a forest once was, “Well that was not your ordinary robbery!” Lina said. In the middle of the clearing, untouched, was a beautiful girl weeping solemnly to herself, holding something tightly in her hands. “Did she…do THAT? NO WAY! How did she…” Everyone was speechless. They approached the girl to see just what had happened. Lina knelt down beside the girl, dried her tears with a handkerchief, and asked what she was so gloomy about. The girl looked up. She had gorgeous blue eyes, which were soaked and reddened with tears, beautiful flowing almond brown hair, and a sweet delicate face.

She held up her hands and showed the contents to Lina. “They just killed it, I couldn’t bare it. I’m sorry I lost myself like that. Sometimes my power shows without warning.” The girl sobbed. Lina and the others were astonished about the girl’s apparent ‘power’, but were more stunned about what had sent her over the top. In the girl’s hand lied a flattened little purple flower.

“You mean, you did cast that weird spell over a little wile flower!” Lina said. The girl was quite disturbed about that.

Surprisingly, Zelgadis stoop up, walked over to the girl, and proceeded to comfort her. “Well now, let’s see. Hmmm…I think maybe this might do it.” With that, he cast a recovery spell and the flower sprung up. “Ahh. Here you go. No more tears. Now what is your name, and what was that spell you cast?” Zel gave the flower to the girl and smiled. Lina, Gourry, and Amelia were REALLY wondering what had hit Zelgadis on the head, to make him so...comforting.

“My name is Arcadia. And that wasn’t a spell!” She said, giggling cutely. “That was my Extreme Essence Overload!”

“Extreme essu whaaat?” Just like Gourry to make an idiot remark. As if the jellyfish in his head would ever just go away…

“Extreme Essence Overload.” The girl replied, chuckling, “It’s a life-powered attack. It’s not a spell. Spells use magic. Well, these use pure strength.”

“You mean you did that with your own strength?” replied Lina. The girl merely grinned and giggled while shaking her head.

“But I’m not an attacker, I’m a healer. My job is to use my healing energy to cure and help all living things.”

Zel now was completely out of it and replied totally dazed. “Arcadia, how beautiful. It speaks in rapture with the blue moon lit skies that caress your eyes. My name is Zelgadis. Say, what brings such a lovely thing like yourself to a forest in the middle of no where?” Lina, Gourry, and Amelia were wide-eyed, wondering what in L-sama had happened to Zel, or rather what has possessed him.

“Thank you Zelgadis, hmmm. Such a strong name for such a strong man.” Lina facefaulted and made an ‘oh brother’ remark. “And I was out for a walk to see how all my darlings were in the forest. Say, umm…If you don’t mind me saying so, what are you? I mean, it’s absolutely magnificent.” By now Zel and Arcadia were both bright red.

“Oh. I’m a chimera, well I was a human, until my grandfather changed me.” Arcadia looked into his eyes, lost in thought and feeling like she could listen to him all day. “With gamma rays. He told me he could make me more powerful and practically indestructible. Well he was right, but I should have heeded his warnings, but I was power hungry and stupid. So here I am, part golem, part blue demon, and part human. So for years I’ve been searching for a cure…” He stopped when he noticed that Arcadia was ‘analyzing’ him, thinking hardly. She stopped, looked up at Zel and said. “You know, I really like you. I think I know of a cure that might work!” She said exuberantly.

“You know, I’d normally shake the living snot out of anyone to get a cure, but I really like you too.”

Lina sat gawking that Zel didn’t care about a cure, though Gourry and Amelia had already passed out in shock. Zel grabbed Arcadia’s hand, and drawing her in close, they kissed. For a LONG time. When they were done, Arcadia blushed, tapped his nose and smirked cutely, “And what about the cure?” That was about all of the shock Lina could handle in one lifetime, as she passed out with Amelia and Gourry.

End of Part 1

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