Return My Love to Me
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Return My Love to Me

There is a time in everyone's life when they feel doubt. Though, I dreamed of perfect love without doubt, and now I know it's just a sweet fantasy. This night is one of many in which I shed tears, I cry myself to sleep. I say that it is selfish for you not to consider my feelings, when I am really the selfish one. It just hurts me so, when my love is more intamet w/ others then me. My pillow is soaked with tears. You say it is hard to stop because she is a friend...but, how do I fee?! Times like this when I feel abandoned, alone, like my nightmares of the past are catching up to me. All I want is to hear a simple "I love you". I just want to know that you are there. you do not know how I feel. I love you more then anything, yet I feel ignored. Your friends and other girls hitting on you, taking advantage of you. How do you think I feel?! I say that I love you and that I must go now and you say "bye". Then your "friends" hit on you. I am worthless. I know that. All I want to do is hear that you feel the same for me, like you used to. You might think it trivial, but I do not. Just a few words can lift my day and give me a feeling of worth. You do not know how much I cry, just because I feel doubt. Because I do not feel self-worth, andany other girl is better then me. And I'm afraid that I'll lose you like that. All I need are a few words, a few actions. I just need to feel your love. It pains me when you talk about other girls and ignore me for a whole conversation. And how there other girls "love" you. Well I love you! I love you more then anything. My tears show it, my words speak it, my heart feels it. Please, don't cast me aside. Please give me warmth in a cold world. My heart is fragile, and I have trusted you with it. Anything you want, I am there. Please...just say you love me, say you feel the same. Only you can stop my tears. Only you can love me so much. But, only I need your warmth, your love. Please show me, please fill my shallowness. Please love only me. Why I would think otherwise is beyond me. Please whipe away my tears and fofill my fantasy. My fantasy of a sweet, caring man who always shows me love. That's all I need, is love. Please...Give your love to me.

-Jenni Kirby

This poem has a very long personal message to this person...I may post it someday, then again..I may not.

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