Thanks to Love
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Thanks to Love

I know now that I am not alone. Though my life is imperfect, and I'm left feeling bitter and twisted inside, leading a false and secret love. But, I have hope, for I know that I was wrong. I know that I am not alone, and will never be alone. I have friends, and my friends care for me as I do for them. And now I know that I can find love again, for I believe I have. Feeling serene in the arms of comfort, enveloped in the angelic beauty. I have found peace. I have found hope, I have found caring, and I have found love. Though my life up until this moment has been false and filled with pain, I wish to change it and make my future better. I longed to hear the voice, I longed to feel the embrace...and I have. The soft, sweet calming love surrounds me, and I feel at peace and relaxed there, like it was meant to be. I was not meant to be alone, nor was anyone else. I have found the love that has always been there that I have taken advantage of. But I know how important that love is now, and I hope that I can be forgiven for my state of solitude. Thank you all for helping me to realize what truely matters, and what I overlooked before. I love and cherish you all. And if you ever have a doubt, are never alone.

-Jenni Kirby

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